Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Food, Inc.

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Review of the Documentary “Food, Inc.” In 2008, the film “Food, Inc.” was released and directed by Robert Kenner. The documentary shows the truth of corporate farming in the U.S. and how corporate farming is environmentally dangerous. The film shows the truth behind the all the food you put in your mouth each day. He discusses how animals are being poorly mistreated and goes into detail about how they can cause human disease. Not only does the documentary discuss how the corporate farming industry is affecting people, but also causing a negative effect on our environment due to their carelessness. The corporate farming system has many secrets and Kenner tries to unveil them all. Each day the need for increased food production becomes a higher number. Due this demand in food production, shows the process of how low quality food is being given to Americans each day without them knowing. Lower quality food is easier to sell and can be made in higher quantities. Since there is a lower quality of food being put out each day, it tends to give the animals poor living conditions. Animals used to produce food for humans while living in such a poor condition, give cause deadly human illnesses. The family farms need to stand up and realize they put out their best possible quality of food. The employees who work for the farmers too, are usually illegal immigrants and they will not stand up against poor conditions because they need the job. The farmers need to realize what the…

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