Analysis Of The Documentary Filmed By Gabriela Cowperyhwaite Essay

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Lets be honest we all have enjoyed the occasional visit to Sea World and all the excitement that comes with it. We all loved watching the 8,000 pound orca flying graciously through air along with their trainers, yet we never really hesitated to think what do these creatures go through when they are taken from their home and stuffed in these undersized pools and forced to preform for our own pleasure. To us they might appear mighty and majestic but little do we know that these creatures have a reputation for its notorious ability to kill.
Blackfish, a documentary filmed by Gabriela Cowperyhwaite in 2013, tells us a story about Tilikum, a killer whale that has taken lives of 3 orca trainers. The documentary focuses on topics such a problems within sea park industries, mans relationship to nature and how little has been learned about these very intelligent mammals. Blackfish claims that separation of orca families can result in mental stress and aggression. Orcas in captivity have difficulty processesing their emotions resulting in their violent outburst. Researches claim that orcas are meant to live in family like structure their whole life, and when taken away in the wild waters makes the whales a ticking bomb. Blackfish supports this claim by quoting Sea World directly “strongest association bonds in a pod are the mother/calf bonds.”
When analyzing the pressures of Blackfish its very important to become familiar with the concept of the film. Cowperyhwaite presents the…

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