Analysis Of The Documentary ' American Tongues ' Essay

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With a close up of various regions of countries, one can see how everyone who speaks a language will not speak it the same way. Created in the 1980s, American Tongues is an informative documentary that illustrates the theme of dialectal variation in the United States. America has been considered a melting pot for multiple diverse people and cultures. In the past, settlers who traveled to and across the United States left their mark on various regions as they brought their accents, such as African languages molding dialects of the South and how French and English is intermingled by Cajuns in Louisiana. However, the documentary demonstrates and highlights how people tend to create stereotypes for people who do not speak the same way they do and how people may even change their accent to be accepted. Because the filmmakers used many examples of regional speech and the attitudes that people have, I am able to examine the main topics of the documentary and apply the insights to my own perspective of the world.
The documentary presents the fact that speech is a part of who you are and it also reveals how you live in the world. During early childhood development, children learn their language and dialect from their parents and people who raised them. Later on in life, their peers and media will influence them. Lectures that I had in sociology class placed emphasis of family, peer pressure, and media being significant agents on shaping a person’s character. By hearing the distinct…

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