Examples Of Allegory In Dante's Inferno

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When he was nine years old Dante was introduced to Beatrice, and they met again nine years later. He was so affected by her beauty that, when Beatrice died in 1290, Dante wanted her memory to live on in his works. The most famous of his works was “The Divine Comedy”. Dante explains that his purpose for the “The Divine Comedy” was to make people go from a state of depression to a state of joy. It is about mankind, who by exercising free-will bring punishing or rewarding justice to themselves (Dante). “The Divine Comedy: Inferno” is full of allegories. Three of them are the leopard of malice and fraud, the lion of violence and ambition, and the she-wolf of incontinence.
“The Divine Comedy: Inferno” is about Dante’s journey through Hell which was written while he was in exile. He starts off in what is known as “the darkwood”, which represents the depression or sadness he is in. He sees a light on top of
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Dante uses the she-wolf because of her mysterious and secretive nature (Barker). The she-wolf is the beast Dante is more afraid of. Incontinence is the inability to hold a steady course or the lack of self-restraint. Everybody quits on something at least once in their lifetime. Whether it’s an important life goal or a marriage. If people want to reach their hill of light they can’t give up on what they started, they need to continue and see it through to the end. An example of this would be adultery because instead of wanting to continue a marriage with one person, they will drift off to be with someone else. Some of the sinners of incontinence were the two lovers Paolo and Francesca. These sinners are trapped in a giant tornado with the person or lover that committed the sin with them. They are helplessly tossed by winds with their lovers in sight, but they are never able to touch them. Because of their inability to control their lustful urges they will be trapped forever in that level of hell

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