Analysis Of ' The Devil 's Miner ' Essay examples

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Before going into this class, I always thought culture was just part of your background and you grew up with it. I saw it as something that had to do with your family history. Which, in a way it does, but that 's not what culture is all about. I always love learning more about other cultures and other people in general. Culture is not only a part of your family background, but impacts your point of view and how you see things. It also can change how we see the world which is exactly what this class did. It helped me view others differently and it taught me to be more open-minded. It also gave me a better understanding of the world around me.
One activity that really affected me were when we watched The Devil 's Miner. Watching this film opened my eyes to the struggles that people have to face on a daily basis. The Devil 's Miner was about a fourteen year old boy who had to work in silver mines to support his family, along with his younger brother. The only way this family could survive is if he worked in the mines. He so desperately wanted to go to school, but a lot of times it was too expensive and he would need to work in the mines so they could eat that night. The working conditions were deadly and a lot of pressure was being put on these young kids because of the situations they were being put in, if they messed up there was no fixing it. Watching this film made realize not everyone has it like us here. We aren’t forced to work fourteen hour days just to support our…

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