Analysis Of ' The Devil And Miss Prym ' Essay

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DeJong 1 The novel, The Devil and Miss Prym, and the short story, “The Lottery”, both show towns who are faced with extreme situations, and how they are able to justify their actions and come together as a town. The Devil and Miss Prym shows a struggling town who is given an opportunity to start over, and rebuild themselves, and their town. Although they need to be willing to do things they 've never dreamt of doing in order to achieve what they want. “The Lottery” is an annual event that happens in a very small village where the town comes together and randomly selects a villager who will be stoned to death. The story does not tell why the town is doing this horrible thing, but the villagers are all able to defend their actions because it’s a tradition. Both stories show how people are capable of coming together to do unbelievable things, just because they are told their actions will help the common good, or because they’re blind to the consequences of their actions. Throughout both stories we are able to see many conflict arise through the character, and how they’re able to overcome them. One of the major conflict is person verses society. In The Devil and Miss Prym there is two character who are battling against the town. Miss Prym has presented the town with a chance to finally have wealth and to rebuild their failing town, but they need to choose someone to be killed. The town decides to sacrifice the life of Berta, but Prym refused to let an innocent life be taken,…

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