Analysis Of ' The Death Of The Toad ' Essay

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When mowing the grass, it is very easy to miss the toad that might be hiding among the blades of grass. Does it matter if this single toad dies at the blades of the mower? “The Death of the Toad” tells the tale of this final day in the life of this toad. The toad is clipped and eventually dies from the blow but that only creates the questions of what is meaningless and what is meaningful. Does this amphibian’s life matter or does death have the final say? Also, why is the toad in a manmade garden in the first place? Toads never were intended to domesticated creatures, so why does one end up in a place where a manmade object kills him? Wilbur brings the reader down to earth with the toad as it sits hidden in the grass to bring the reader out of their own environment and place in them in one they don’t necessarily belong in. His use of the word garden rather than the word bog or woods implies this is a manmade area that the toad is not originally from. All of a sudden there is a terrible beast that comes and clips the toad’s leg. The mower leaves and is not mentioned again in the poem. Obviously fatally wounded, the toad hobbles over to the edge of the garden, goes under the leaves, and waits to die. Why might the toad want to get out of the garden and not just wait to die where he was struck? It may be to get away from the danger, but it also can be interpreted that the toad is trying to get back to his natural home in the wild. When the toad is given safety…

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