Analysis Of The Dance Field, Award Winning Dancer And Choreographer Carmen De Lavallade

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Regarded as one of the greatest figures in the dance field, award-winning dancer and choreographer Carmen de Lavallade remains esteemed by all who treasure her contributions to ballet. After fifty years, de Lavallade continues to maintain and heighten a career comprised of Broadway, film, opera, television performances, and choreographed work. Described as mesmerizing and ethereal by both dance connoisseurs and critics alike, de Lavallade has dedicated a lifetime to expressing traditional forms of dance, as well as modernizing the art form in a way that allows dance to preserve rather than be eradicated of meaning. Known as a modern dance pioneer, Lavallade altered the aesthetics of ballet in a manner that mirrored her own svelte and intensely expressive movements. Upon entering the world of dance as a choreographer, de Lavallade was among the first women of color to expand dance by creating successful pieces during a time black individuals were socially excluded from ballet. Born on March 6, 1931, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Carmen de Lavallade was surrounded by black women committed to advancing the position of people of color who participated in dance. Sent to East Los Angeles during her teenage years as a result of her mother’s weakened health and inability to care for her daughter, de Lavallade studied under the tutelage of Lester Horton after earning a scholarship (Snodgrass 94). It was there at Horton’s theater where where de Lavallade, aged 16 thrived as a principal…

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