Analysis Of ' The Crucible ' Essay

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What rights do modern women have that women and girls in the 1600’s would never dream about? So think about what would happen if these girls got a taste of the power that our modern women have every day. In the 1600’s the role of women along with their treatment is extremely different from how it is now for women. Miller explores these archetypes of how women are supposed to behave but also what happens when they get their first bit of power. Young girls especially are put down, being expected not to be heard but only be seen, this only increases slightly as they grow into women. When one young girl, Abigail Williams, gains the sense of power in her hands she begins to challenge the usual standards for women in this time period. The other young girls follow Abigail’s steps until they all become obsessed with this new found power as well, “Betty: I saw George Jacobs with the Devil! I saw Goody Howe with the Devil!” (Miller 45).

The Crucible is based off real life events that happened in 1692 in the town Salem, Massachusetts. Hysteria took over the town as whispers of witchcraft began to circulate after the Reverend Parris 's daughter fall asleep and would not wake along with the Putman’s daughter, Ruth. This occured after the young girls of the village were discovered by Parris while dancing in the woods, which at this time period the woods were thought to be controlled by the devil. Parris afraid of what would come of himself if witchcraft was found in Salem, “I…

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