Analysis Of ' The Compound ' Essay

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Kyle Woodard
Mrs. Dawson
Enriched English 3-4
19 October 2016
The Compound Analysis S. A. Bodeen’s story, The Compound, is an amazing thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats with tension as a constant. The story beautifully manipulates the reader into sinking into the story as if they were experiencing it themselves. The story follows Eli Yanakakis, the son of the famous billionaire Rex Yanakakis. When camping with his brother, Eddy his sisters Lexie and Terese, his grandmother who he calls Gram, disaster strikes. A nuclear attack has been fired on the United States. He is rushed to a hatch, and when he goes in, he discovers that his father has built a massive underground bunker meant to keep his family safe, called The Compound, in which they will spend the next fifteen years (Bodeen 61-62). The story is a prime example of a dystopian story, and is comparable to Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron”, excepting the fact that “Harrison Bergeron” deals with formation one in the dystopian story notes.
Creation of Dystopian Society In The Compound, there is a supposed nuclear attack on the United States. When this happens, a very small dystopian society is formed in The Compound itself. This formation applies to formation two as discussed in the dystopian story notes. The “citizens” of The Compound behave to support themselves and their daily lives (Bodeen). They uphold human values for the most part. The exception to this is the fact that the…

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