Analysis Of The Closing Scene / Flashback Zwick Uses Camera Shots / Dialogue / Sound

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In the Closing scene/Epilogue Zwick uses Camera Shots/Dialogue/Sounds to show the main themes of the film. Before dying from a gunshot wound, Danny Archer , introduced as a smuggler of the diamonds whom assists Solomon Vandy in escaping and getting his child back, gives the blood stained diamond to Solomon and he calls Maddy Bowen, a journalist Danny meets who is investigating the Blood Diamond Trade, asks her to help Solomon write a good article about the Blood Diamond conflict.Maddy and Solomon work together to expose the Van de Kaap company that 's associated with the blood diamond business. Solomon then sells the diamond to Mr. Simmons in exchange for money and his family 's release from a refugee camp. Maddy takes pictures of the deal between Solomon and the company as its taking Place on the side of a London street in a high class vehicle. The article is then published and the company is exposed. Solomon is reunited with his family once again and he speaks before a council containing many members of the United Nations about his experience in the blood diamond mines.

In this scene the director shows the interactions of Simmons and Solomon and to show the entire scene as it was the ‘conclusion’ for Archer and Solomon. Maddy(by instruction of Danny) and Solomon work together to expose the Van de Kaap jewelry company that 's linked to the blood diamond business. As Maddy documents the exchange through photographs, this shows Maddys apprehension to the trade of the…

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