Analysis Of The Chicago Department Of Transportation Essay

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Greatest Strengths
It was important that in many of Chicago’s sustainability focus areas, it stresses public education. Although the city does not include a section in their Action Agenda Update about civic engagement, it appears local government may understand its significance in creating a more sustainable City of Chicago. For example, the first bullet point on Chicago’s webpage about green transportation methods was about educating the public about what they can do to reduce their carbon usage (Chicago Department of Transportation, 2015). I also thought it was interesting that the city wrote its sustainability plan in such a manner that the goals for each sector were different, but were all interrelated because Chicago feels that successful programs in one policy category can positively influence the success of programs in another category (City of Chicago, 2015). For example, the Chicago Department of Transportation (2015) webpage mentions the streetlight initiative I discussed in the section on improving sustainable energy solutions as a way to also improve transportation in the city.
The point made above also solidifies this strength: each sector has its own issues, however, almost all are contributing to greenhouse gas emission (City of Chicago, 2015a). Therefore, changes in each can lead to meaningful reductions in the pace of climate change (City of Chicago, 2015a). Another strength I identified was the overarching friendly tone in the plan. Chicago’s government…

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