Analysis Of ' The Cathedral ' Essay

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I would apply the reader response to analyze the critical approach of the short story “The Cathedral” Why generally because this story can be interpreted more than one way according to the text. In hindsight, with short story such as the Cathedral anything can be viewed from ones opinion can evidently be seen to be true, based on the perception of the reader standpoint and viewpoint.

I found the Cathedral to be a compelling story. Through Carver story we meet a blind man, and the wife of a husband. I later learn that the story is being told from the husband point of view. The Analysis of Carver Cathedral story start of explaining how the blind man is coming to live with them while the husband ventures off to visit his dead relatives. The husband is quick to acknowledge the fact that he is no longer happy with having the blind men dwell in him and his wife home. Which is supposedly the man who has eccentric relationship with his wife, which is inexplicable to describe. Who actually happens to be the blind man in hindsight.

The husband becomes very curious, inquisitive, and he is quick to point fingers and judge. He explains that the blind man has no valid reason for meddling around their affairs and also that he has no reason living in their house. Yet alone having to fend for the life of a blind man living in his home. So the husband he remains nameless throughout the story, judges the blind man for marrying a woman who he had never seen. It appears as if the husband…

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