Analysis Of ' The Canoe ' Essay

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There were numerous flashbacks within ‘The Canoe’, which I did not believe to be effective, as it was hard to tell whether the event was either a flashback or an event of the present.
One flashback is “I (the boy) was drunk as a skunk when I heard the old pickup pull up and saw him jump up and head for me. […] He (the father) shoved me several times toward the front door. […] He handed it (the glass of salt water) to me and ordered me to drink. I drank. I vomited.” In brief, the boy gets drunk and his dad hurts him and forces him to throw up. This flashback gives some interesting backstory on the relationship between the father and son. They clearly do not get along very well, as the father was not at all kind or supporting, quite the opposite actually.
“The wind coming off the sea cools the skin; it is soft and comforting. I could use a little comfort.” This is foreshadowing the somber mood of the story and that there will be problems. It also indicates that he is unhappy.
The narrative is unified because despite there being many flashbacks, the actual story takes place within one day: from morning (“The sun overhead is shining.”) to supper (“’What’s next?’ ‘Supper,’ he dropped flatly.”).
WHO? Boy and his dad WHAT? Boy and his father do not get along very well, especially since the boy’s mother had died. (“Lately things haven’t been going so well between us. A quiet – strange and cumbersome – has us both trapped.”)…

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