Essay on Analysis Of The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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Authors use many techniques to create and develop themes in their novels, in their respective genres. Junot Diaz weaves a unique blend of genres together including historical narrative, traditional realism, and science fiction in order to capture his and many others’ experiences as immigrants, especially Dominicans, in America. Diaz’s unique identity and literary voice is a pivotal element of his body of work. In his 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Diaz incorporates his personal history, such as his own Dominican background, into the essential theme of his literary work. In Junot Díaz’s novel, the fundamental theme of identity crisis is forged by Díaz’s utilization of allusions to literature, and inclusion of Dominican Republic history.
One element that aids in the creation of identity crisis in this novel is Díaz’s utilization of allusions to literature. Rafael Trujillo, a ruthless Dominican dictator, is a character in the novel who is identified thoroughly by allusions to literature, mainly from the genres science fiction and fantasy. These allusions aid the reader in grasping the supernatural aspect of Trujillo’s power and influence over the Dominican Republic. Díaz states that Trujillo “was our Sauron, our Arawn, our Darkseid, our Once and Future dictator, a personaje so outlandish, so perverse, so dreadful that not even a sci-fi writer could have made his ass up” (2). Sauron is a supreme being whose name means “terrible”…

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