Essay on Analysis Of The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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Creating a novel where the ending is pretty clear from the start can be challenging to keep readers engaged. However, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao still manages to create a fascinating novel that readers want to complete, even if Oscar’s death was inevitable. Much of the credit goes to the author’s creation of the narrator and how he shapes him into a unique character. Junot Diáz has created a main narrator, Yunior, that uses self-consciousness and a conversational style of language to make an intriguing character that develops a personal relationship with the reader, encouraging them to be more engaged in the novel and to also question the importance of a narrator themselves. From the very beginning, the narrator made clear that he had written the text that was presented to the readers. He states, “Even as I write these words I wonder if this book ain’t a zafa of sorts” (7). Yunior makes it apparent that he is a living, breathing person or character in this book. However, unusual with novels written with a first person narrator, he states he’s writing the very book the reader is holding. Immediately this stands out to the reader as something new and different from the norm. Not only does this make the reader more intrigued from the start, it makes them ponder the narrator’s role throughout the book. The reader may ask themselves “How will this narrator be important to the storyline?” or “Can I trust the narrator’s words?” The reader knows they will…

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