Analysis Of The Brian Fitzpatrick 's Campaign Essay

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On Friday November 4, 2016, I volunteered to help canvas for the Brian Fitzpatrick for Congress campaign in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. When I first arrived in the morning, there was no other volunteers in the headquarters. This struck me as quite odd, since we were only a few days away from the election. As the textbook, Campaigns & Elections, states: “The ability of an individual to participate in campaigns and elections depends a great deal on their education, income, and the amount of free time they have at their disposal” (338). The area that the headquarters was located was not the ideal neighborhood that typically draws an ample number of political volunteers, so I soon realized that the people we were around did not have the means to donate to a campaign. Brian Fitzpatrick’s campaign manager for Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania was Adam Lester. One of the first things Adam said to me was that he did not learn how to do anything related to campaign managing during his time in school. He was a young man who looked exceedingly confused and disoriented – like it was his first time running a campaign. The textbook speaks a lot about the importance of having a respectable campaign manager and setting up strategy properly, and this campaign did not encompass those crucial aspects.
I spent about an hour phone banking for Brian Fitzpatrick; it was early in the morning so I only had the chance to speak with about five people total. It was not surprising when nearly everybody that…

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