Analysis Of ' The Brave With The Weaklings ' Essay example

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“Fate is the same for the man who holds back, the same if he fights hard / We are held in a single honor, the brave with the weaklings” 19.318-19. Achilleus realizes that despite his desires, mortality binds him. He recognizes the broken system of the Greek heroism and struggles with the concept of mortality. In Greek legend, Zeus, knowing that an immortal son of a powerful goddess like Thetis would overthrow him, married off Thetis unwillingly to a mortal, thereby dooming all of her children to mortality. Thus, robbed of his divinity, Achilleus constantly reaches for it, knowing it is rightfully his. He recognizes an almost divine power within himself, but realizes that his capability is chained by his mortality. Where most Homeric characters are enabled by the gods, Achilleus is restrained by them; he possesses a heroic consciousness of the cosmos, divinity, and mortality. However, for the love of Patroklos, Achilleus stops grasping at the divinity which is rightfully his and chooses a diminishment in mortality. Though Achillleus chooses a seemingly lower role and submits to his mortality, this choice is ultimately what makes him the hero of the Iliad. Rather than seeking personal glory, he embraces mortality and sacrifices himself for the redemption of a friend. Thus by embracing his mortality, Achilleus becomes something more than a mortal, achieving a level of heroism not even the gods can posses.
Greek heroism defines the hero as one who shows valor and upholds his…

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