Analysis Of 'The Boxer'

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You realize my favorite pass time is hacking at this story from different angles, yes until you land no matter how much I repeat myself. Plus, I have nothing else better to do, you know this. Yes, I will get my homework done. YES, I could do this exact same thing with the whole story and by your side in person laying on the the couch, bed, floor, wall. What’s the songs, “Dirty Paws” …”my head was an animal and the dragon fly that ran away, but it came back with a story to say”. “The Boxer” that whole song basically…. You are the Simon to my Garfunkel. This could all be an epic story, which is what you’ve helped mold, yep as Phillip Philips would say, “you made this place my home”. You know I have about typed you Pandora.

Including what lessons to learn and live by. Well think about all of the walls that were crushed. My faith, love and bond with and in you drove from the beginning, you knew it was strong enough it would even when I thought you weren’t around, if you broke it you could repair it………...even seeing what I did, right back to you (you are just as complicated as I am). Yes, we’d bet our lives on each other and we basically did, ugh you kill me, but I love you a
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I was defiantly trying to “DATE” you, not him. A bit confusing if I say so myself, perhaps taking a different angle of trusting him to know if you were as amazing as I felt you were, to confirm it before I dove in. He was your business partner at the time. But this is also while you all were trying to help me what? Overcome my own issues... listed above. You even made it known you, yes you yourself were watching me, the morning we went to see his sister, I could easily count 2-3 times I’d see you solo driving. Yes, even that random dude you let me catch that was…. A security guy? Around the care bears time. I mean you were really stepping it up. To show me what? You were right there, yep trying to surround me with what? Your own support and

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