Essay on Analysis Of ' The Boston Photographs ' By Nora Ephron

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The Reaper in Development
When Reading the Boston Photographs by Nora Ephron it cause many to question the theories of right versus wrong on what the media should and should not do when it reports what it considers to be news worthy. Should a picture in the act of death with the shadow of The Reaper clearly stained into the films emotion be shown to the masses or should the privacy of the human mind and dis-involved ignorance of humanity take hold over what is acceptable when viewing the realities of the world. There are key reasons why it is necessary to show photographs of this nature which are as follows to wake up the world to realities, to invoke the heart. Ephron’s essay is very well written in the way it goes to wake up the viewer to the realities of the world. Death is everywhere even though people may choose to turn away from it is an unavoidable fact. Every living organism is born with a metaphorical ticking clock placed over their heads. There are atrocities all over the world and choosing to report and show photographs from those thing does not make them any less real. For instance when Ephron talks about the reluctance of taking pictures during the Vietnam war. “Throughout the Vietnam war, editors were reluctant to print atrocity pictures. Why not print them? That’s what that war was about. (662)” This sentence directly reflects how people try to cover things up and escape from the realities of what is going on people may know deep down that soldiers were dying…

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