Analysis Of The Book ' When I Was A Very Young Boy ' Essay

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My initial experience with being a reader began with a Dr. Seuss book when I was a very young boy, a colorful book with walking-talking cats and dogs, treehouses, and a party. I am not incredibly confident that I indeed am able of correctly recalling the details of the book that got read to me or by me when no one else would just about every day for what might have been a whole year or just a few short months of obsession, either way the memory of reading that Dr. Seuss book stuck in such a way that it is my first recalled memory of being an active reader, of thinking about and considering the content and characters of a book. This book and many others from those early days were the catalysts that founded my later passion for literature. My love of writing came much later, during my teenage trysts through the worlds of Tolkien and Lewis, when I made a connection to lands of the fantastical. There was something about the stories that were different from anything I’d read before, children’s books. These stories had something more than just colorful pictures and funny rhymes, they had depth, they had emotion, and they had meaning. The author was always saying more than what could be read on the surface level of the page. I discovered that I too could tell my own stories of heroic figures facing insurmountable odds and still somehow come out the other side unscathed and victorious. Small forays into fiction, nothing more than a few pages at a time. What I learned about writing…

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