Analysis Of The Book ' What The Hell Is Wrong With You ' Essay

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I sat my brother down on the edge of my bed while Nathaniel leaned against the dresser by the back door.
They were in a stare down and from the looks of it neither one of them was going to back down so I actually started laughing.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" Nathaniel snapped earning him a death glare from Hunter which he ignored. "First you and your blonde friend basically die of laughter because of something I said and it wasn 't even that funny. Now here you are yet again but now you 're laughing at nothing. If I didn 't know I swear that you 're high as hell."
"And you 're dumb as a door knob," I shot back and he rolled his eyes, "Now tell my brother what happened."
"Fine, fine, fine. See the thing is...Erin tried to jump my bones and I had to physically pin her down or she was going to rip my clothes off."
Hunters face turned red and I nearly choked at what just came out of his mouth.
"Are you fucking kidding me? Why do you think that every girl has some physical attraction to you? I don 't understand! Now tell him the damn truth or I 'm going to let my brother do whatever the hell he wants and pretend like I never saw anything."
"Fine, I pissed her off because I said something about how Tanner is attracted to her and then she tried to kill me. So, in a case of personal defense I had to physically pin her to the floor before she killed me."
I rolled my eyes and nearly attacked him again but Hunter looked at me. He looked like he was going to scold me like I was…

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