Analysis Of The Book ' War 's End ' Essay

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Many people have been dealing with their own mental disorder because mental disorders would be always follow them and be at their side by side. They could and they couldn’t overcome their mental disorder because some of them know there is no help that will make their lives easier or better. The mental illness takes control of people. Few mentally ill people can easily bear their illness because they know that their having mental disorder makes their “normal” living extremely difficult. They doesn’t mean they have each living has been messed up, but any situation caused them. In Haslett’s story, “War’s End,” he shares about the husband named Paul who has been suffering with his depression, for several years, long enough to know there is no cure for it. In the story, Paul and his wife Ellen have the trip in Scotland, so she can do some research and Ellen believes Paul’s doctor who suggests that a trip may mean his depression will able to be stopped. Unfortunately, however, the trip doesn’t work out for Paul. In Scotland, he has this idea that he’s willing to take his own life, because Paul wants to end his suffering and free his wife Ellen from the burden of caring for him. Paul planned to kill himself, and was ready to do so until, he met a young boy, Albert who is dying from a terminal illness in his body. Paul wants the chance to befriend the boy and distract him with stories from English history before he dies. Albert and he’s going to help him on their last days. In…

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