Analysis Of The Book ' Very Much Essay

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I enjoyed reading this novel very much. It was happier compared to other stories we have read this semester. When I had finished a majority of the book I was very confused as to why this was assigned to us. This book seemed outdated and I doubt I will have clients who are from this era. Footbinding is a very old custom that is no longer practiced; there may be one or two women who are still alive with bound feet. Also, the setting of this book was in the 1800s, China’s culture is significantly different now. I was thinking too immediate; through further introspection I realized these old outdated traditions are still in practice today in different forms. I would first like to say that I am so grateful footbinding is not practiced anymore. Reading about the pain associated with it just made me cringe and upset my stomach. Also, I looked up images to see what a foot bound looked like and the pictures were horrifying. I would certainly run away if foot binding was proposed to me; the process just sounded dreadful and extremely unsafe. I couldn’t understand why these women would do this to themselves. Then it hit me, women still do unsafe practices to make themselves smaller. In America there are all sorts of fad diets geared towards women to enforce them to be smaller. Along with diets, there are also waist trainers to encourage women to have tiny waists. Women are also bombarded with unrealistic images of women and feel pressured to conform. Even worse, some women become…

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