Analysis Of The Book ' Umi A Liloa ' Essay

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‘Umi-a-Liloa, is recorded as the most honored chief in Hawaii history. His life is full of adventure and passion. Many hawaiians view him as the greatest leader to walk on these lands. Though, his story happened way before he was born. How did it start? Well it started with Liloa, his father.
Liloa is a ruling chief. His father, Kiha-nui-lulu-moku and ancestors are all ruling chiefs. His mother, Wai-o-lea, belonged to an Oahu family of chiefs. Liloa’s wife was Pinea. She was from Oahu and was his mother’s younger sister. They gave birth to a child, Hekau, who would be the heir of the kingdom. Liloa’s direct successor was Laea-nui-kau-manamana, the son of ʻEhu-nui-kai-malino, ruling chief of Kona, Hawaii. He was the only other chief that could go on the sacred slab. He was also in charge of his spittoon and the feathered-staff. Liloa stayed in Waipiʻo, where many of the ruling chiefs lived in the ancient times. The highest classes of chiefs that were allowed to walk on these sacred grounds were the niʻau-piʻo, piʻo, and naha chiefs. Liloa took the responsibility of worshiping the gods, building places of worship and ereciting the stones of stones of Kane. This allowed peace in the kingdom. One day Liloa and one of his lesser chiefs, who served as his guardian decided to go off to an adventure. When Liloa and his lesser chiefs left the village, it was during a pork-feast in dedication for the chief 's heiau. When they left, they decided to go to the cliff of Kealakaha and…

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