Analysis Of The Book ' Trisha Szczodroski ' Essay example

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Trisha Szczodroski, my fearless and strong yet compassionate sister, did not have the map of life drawn out for her as she grew up. She barely made it out of her childhood alive. Her teenage years weren’t much better for temptations and wrongdoings appeared at every corner. When she became an adult, mountains awaiting to be climbed grew wherever she turned. But through all of the adversities and hardships in her life, one glorious man remained by her side to help her through them. That man was Jesus. No matter what roads Trisha took on her travel through life, she trusted Jesus to guide her back to the right one.
Trisha’s story begins eight months after her birth when her parents got a divorce. Left to be raised by her father, she suffered from being tossed around between her grandparents and many foster homes. She lived a lonesome life during her first couple of years, starting when her mother left her and her father as soon as Trisha turned five. Her dad worked long hours, so even though she lived with him at times, Trisha usually occupied the house on her own. Things turned for the worse when he married another woman, Sheryl, who she viewed as insane and tortuous. She explained to me how she always heard them yelling at each other and how Sheryl caused her father an abundance of pain and suffering, which became heartbreaking for Trisha to watch her dad go through. Her father tried to fight for his kids, but Sheryl never liked Trisha, so her dad gave her up to his…

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