Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Tom Jones '

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A theme mentioned in several parts of The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling is the importance of one’s appearance. Keeping a good appearance serves many purposes in this novel. Namely, it serves the purpose of displaying good moral behavior and consequently, achieving good judgement from others. As Malinda Snow writes in the essay, The Judgement of Evidence in Tom Jones, “the book is about judgement, and the understanding necessary for good judgement…Tom Jones is indeed a novel about learning to judge well” (Snow 37). These judgements are not only made by the reader of the novel, but by characters in the novel as they interact with and observe those around them. In book three, the narrator writes, “It is not enough that your designs, nay, that your actions, are intrinsically good; you must take care they shall appear so. If your inside be never so beautiful, you must preserve a fair outside also…” (Fielding 91). This quote explains the difference between inner morals and actions. Several characters in the book contradict themselves as their actions do not align with what they claim to be moral. This contradiction affects their relationships with other characters as it creates foils between characters with differing views of morality and their actions. Such dichotomies include the relationship between Tom and Blifil, Tom and Mr. Square, and Bridget Allworthy and Jenny Jones. Almost immediately after the characters of Master Blifil and Tom Jones are introduced into the…

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