Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Tobit '

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Just a reminder, I read all of Daniel and summarized it in last week’s blog.
In the Book of Tobit an Israelite by the name of Tobit lived in Nineveh. Tobit was the grandson of the infamous Deborah and was also raised by her. Tobit was loyal to God and God appreciated that, but Jeroboam the king of Northern Israel exiled him. By the time Tobit had reached an older age, he was determined to burry fallen Israelites, but throughout his journey he was sure his life meant nothing anymore and prayed for death. While this is partaking, a woman by the name of Sarah also prays for death, because every fiancé she’s ever had was killed right before their marriage. So then God sent an angle by the name of Raphael, who was disguised as a human, to help Tobit and free Sarah form her demon. Raphael then aided Tobias, Tobit’s son, on his journey to Media where a fish tried eating Tobias foot. The angle then told Tobias to catch the fish and use the heart, liver, and gall bladder for medicine. While they were both in Media Raphael told Tobias that he could marry Sarah because she was his closest relative. Raphael also warned him about the demon before her wedding night and ordered him to burn the fish’s liver and heart to scare the demon away. Tobias did so and Sarah and him were married; her fathered had a large feast for everyone and then they both returned to Nineveh. Tobit then told Tobias that God would destroy Nineveh, according to the prophecy, if him and Sarah did not move back to…

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