Analysis Of The Book ' Three Pointer ' By Madi Guebert Essay

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“AND 1,” Kenisha says right after she made a layup and been fouled by the opposing team Eastview.
“Let’ go” I said after she had made her layup. With 30 seconds to go in the second half we lead by 3.
“TIMEOUT TIMEOUT” said my coach, “We can’t let them score, FACEGUARD MADI GUEBERT”
All that’s going through not only my head but my body is we have to win. I hear the ref blow his whistle and say, “Let go blue!” Eastview takes it out of bounds. I couldn’t sit still on the bench.Cheering at the top of our lungs my team yells, “GET OUT ON HER TONIA!” “Three pointer by Madi Guebert” says the announcer.
Her eighth one of the night “Foul on number 23!” the ref exclaimed.
Eastview on the line with 3 second to go shoots the free throw and makes it for a four point play. Tonia takes the ball out as the crowd is roaring, passes it to Kenisha with 6 seconds to go, Kenisha passes it back to Tonia.
SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!” Coach Q and the rest of the Kennedy bench was yelling, with now 3 seconds to go Tonia takes the shot and misses it. We lose the game by one. Eastview comes racing on the court. I feel my face getting redder than a tomato , and my face getting hotter than a fever. I burst out into tears as we get in line to shake hands with the champions.We had just lost the state championship basketball game to Eastview.

I was in the 8th grade and went to Valley View Middle School located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Often times I would forget that I was…

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