Analysis Of The Book ' Three On The Twilight Of Paganism ' Essay

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The chapter three on The Twilight of Paganism: Magic in Norse and Irish Culture describes the mythology of Irish culture. One of the Irish literature involves a man named Conle that is tempted by a seductive female fairy. As the fairy invites Conle to partake in paradise with her at Fairy Hill where there are never ending feasts and no death. However, Conle uses a charm that was given to him by a Druid to fend off the fairy’s allurement. Although, this only lasts temporally and the fairy returns to Conle to warn him that the Druids are malicious beings that use demonic magic. Consequently, Conle is convinced by the Fairy’s accusation of the Druids and is told about St. Patrick coming to Ireland to convert them into Christians. In the lecture on Practices – Popular & Courtly discusses three stages of how early Europe has evolved over time. As the first phase involved the Christianization of Europe by integrating Pagan societies into Christianity. The second segment was the arrival of the renaissance that incorporated scientific magic that was influenced by Jewish and Arabic texts. Lastly, the third stage was during the fourteenth century where magic was perceived as a cult that utilized demons.
My thoughts on chapter three of The Twilight of Paganism: Magic in Norse and Irish Culture would be that it accurately depicted the adaptation of Pagan stories into Christian ones. As the fairy story that involves Conle conveys that Fairy Hill (i.e. heaven) is what…

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