Analysis Of The Book ' This Interview, I Was Surprised About Changlong Shi '

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In this interview, I was surprised that Changlong Shi explains his viewpoints in a specific way which I never thought of. Changlong Shi believes that with the exception of irresistible outside forces, the desire of the human being is the only factor to make the world a dystopia, and the level of a dystopia can be defined through ranking its harmfulness.
Changlong Shi argues that irresistible outside forces will probably cause a dystopia, but we do not need to worry about that because the occurrence chance is very small Shi). For example, it is a well-known fact that the meteorite which impacted the earth was likely to be the main reason causing the extinction of dinosaurs. When I asked Changlong Shi that if human beings would be extinct due to a meteorite in the future, his answer was “No.” He argues that although a serious dystopia will come after a meteorite hits the earth, the human being will not be extinct due to technology (Shi). He explains that compared to dinosaurs, human beings have developed advanced technology, which is the strong guarantee of the survival of a part of people (Shi). However, Shi also claims that this type of dystopia has no occasion to be talked about because the risk of this situation is equal to the risk of invasion of aliens.
Changlong Shi claims that the desire of the human being causes almost all global problems, which can be considered as the elements of dystopia. Firstly, he argues that racism, one of the most serious discriminations, is…

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