Analysis Of The Book ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay

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Throughout this course, I have been exposed to a myriad of places, stories, and opinions. The theme of confronting tradition has been interwoven into the plots, dialogues, and belief systems of the characters. Despite the commonality of this theme, the characters ' responses to these inclinations stand in a long continuum, from strict adherence to open refusal, which lead to antagonist reactions. This paper will illuminate how and why characters in Lu Xun 's, Upstairs in a Wine Shop, and Chinua Achebe 's, Things Fall Apart, confront or are reluctant to confront tradition. While Upstairs in a Wine Shop displays characters who are unwilling to confront tradition, due to feelings of futility and disenfranchisement, Things Fall Apart presents the full range of confrontation (through the characters of Okonkwo, Obierika, and Nwoye) with each carrying a unique rationale. In Lu Xun 's Upstairs in a Wine Shop, both the narrator and his friend, Wei-fu, recognize how Chinese tradition is preventing both social and educational progress. Their own settlement into formal practices is displayed as the narrator mentions during his meal, "In the past we had never stood on ceremony, but now we began to be so formal that neither of us could choose a dish" (Xun, 4). Like Chinese society itself, both the narrator and Wei-fu have become dragged down by traditional practices to the point where social activism cannot be accomplished. Their mindset is represented with Wei-fu ' explanation of the…

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