Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Their Eyes Were Watching God '

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Marriage Defining Who You Are
In the book Their Eyes Were Watching God the main character Janie Crawford starts her story as a flashback. She is returning from her final marriage with Tea Cake her husband who she had to kill because he was paranoid from having rabies. While heading back into her home town Eatonville, Florida after being gone from a long absence she overhears people talking her first husband Tea Cake and the rags she is wearing. “Marriage is viewed as a sign of maturity for some, and a lifetime sentence for others.” Janie’s view now consists that love is something that is different from one person to another. At the end of her story she is a strong and proud woman, but in the beginning, she was not sure about what she wants to do.

When she was young Janie only wanted to find love and know what love meant. Hoping for financial security his definition of love her grandma arranges Janie to marry Logan Killicks, an older man who owned his own farm. Janie believes just being married her life would be better than it is staying at home with her grandma. But later realizes that Logan as an older man is not spontaneous as much as she wants him to become. Also Janie being a much younger woman she is much more active and still has dreams of seeing the world instead of settling down. Tea Cake wants her to be financially reliant on him so that Jane will not spend money. Janie leaves him scared of the threat of being killed by him.

Janie soon after finds love in…

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