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Spencer has paced her living room for forty-five minutes trying to work up the courage to call Ashley. She had dialed the brown-eyed girl’s number twenty times and hanging up each time before hitting the send button. “Oh for fuck sake” she said hitting the send button at last.
Part of Spencer hoped that she wouldn’t answer, just when she was about to disconnect the call a sleepy Ashley answered “Hello”
“Hello Ashley, its Spencer I didn’t mean to wake you I can call back later.”
“No it’s okay, I just dozed off on the couch watching TV I’m not used to staying up that late anymore. What’s up?”
Ashley dressed in tight leather pants that hugged her hips just right, a black leather vest that barely covered the red lacy bra that Ashley had been wearing, and black boots flashed into Spencer mind. Ashley could definitely pull off the biker chick look, clearing her head she began speaking fast afraid she would lose her nerve “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind coming over. I would like to talk about what happened ten years ago.”
There was nothing but silence coming from the other end of the phone that Spencer checked her phone to make sure the call was till connected. “Ashley?”
“Sorry, I’m here. Yes I will come over, just say when.”
“Well I was thinking, how about this afternoon if you don’t have anything else planned.”
“No I don’t have plans, I can come this afternoon.”
Spencer gave the brown-eyed girl her address then hanging up the phone. It would be an hour before Ashley…

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