Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Essay

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Yvette huffed as she pushed her sunglasses up her nose. Currently she was walking with her younger sister listening to her bitch as they walked out Sak.
"Can you believe the hoe? They way she followed us around the store like we where gonna steal?!" Guinevere growled out as walked to their car. "Racial profling cunt, Daddy could buy the whole fucking company why would we steal shit?" She did have a point. Miss Yvette and Guinevere Martin father could buy the company seeing as their father is one of the riches people in Europe, most people are confused when they learn that Yvette and Guinevere are Mr. Martin daughters being that their father is pale and blue eyed while they are both black. Then they have to explain that they are adopted and it 's just fucking stupid.
"Guinevere calm thyself, they can kiss our black asses now come on I 'm starvin, heard this city got a hell of a soul food place. And god I 've been craving something that reminds me of the place I was born." Yvette mused as she settled in the front seat of their 2014 Audi. Gwen rolled her eyes as she placed the bags in the backseat before hopping in shotgun.
"No this is bullshit. Like the way she talked to us like we was field negros. Like bitch I will literally destroy you." Yvette glanced at the younger woman, she felt the familiar static of her sister 's gift coming to the surface. Like herself, Gwen had a special gifts. While Yvette had the powers of a Siren plus the added Telekinesis her sister had Magic…

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