Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

720 Words Mar 4th, 2015 3 Pages
The rights of women everywhere have been amazingly botched for as long as history books have written. Historically, if you are not a white male who doesn’t have any sort of disorder or disability you are going to flourish. Even nowadays, whether it is influenced by racism or sexism, this history still holds some truth. The Yellow Wallpaper is a good example of this. John, the narrator’s husband, is very controlling. While he does not go about it in a forceful or fiendish manner, the narrator has yet to protest John’s practices to treat her depression and anxiety. The narrator acknowledges the oppression but insists that John is doing it for her. To the casual reader, the story is one of a good-meaning, but oppressive husband who drives his wife mad in an attempt to help her, but it story illustrates how established protocols of behavior could have devastating effects on the women of Gilman’s time. By late 20 century standards, the behavior of John is very inappropriate and restrictive, but was considered quite normal for back then. The extreme nature of the narrator’s entrapment would never be allowed in today’s society, however some other elements still stand today. While males and females are equal, they are not often treated as such. A large part of society still believes that males have more power than women. Whether it be in the work place, where males could potentially be a stricter, more powerful leader, or in general, where it is believed that males are physically…

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