Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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In her time, Charlotte Perkins Gilman was best known for her crusading journalism and feminist views. Eventually, her writing became an illustration of the beliefs towards the women’s movement in the 19th century. In Gilman’s 1913 essay, The Yellow Wallpaper, she recreates her experience of suffering from severe depression and relates how the advice of “rest cure” proved to be utterly catastrophic and detrimental to her personal well-being. Through the use of strong literary elements, she is able move through the story, continually developing her characters in order to depict the challenges of oppression and societal views placed on women at this time. In this piece, Gilman portrays an unidentified woman whose mental stability spirals out of control as her husband holds her captive within their home. Throughout the unraveling of the narrator, Gilman uses the pattern in the wallpaper to suggest the story is of entrapment, but the different features of lighting suggest the text is really about both imprisonment as well as liberation from confinements.
On the surface, the story follows a woman as she is driven insane with a misguided psychological treatment. The narrator is depicted as being trapped in this house, and not only trapped within the house, but also within the restraints of her marriage. Constantly alone and forbidden to leave her bedroom, it becomes something of a prison to her, “..for the windows are barred for little children, and there are rings and things in…

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