Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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The Realization Connection
The stories of The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour are an examples of how two different literary works have similar meanings. These stories are the tales of two women whose lives are forever changed by realizations they have while trapped in a room with themselves. In The Yellow Wallpaper the woman becomes crazy which is what everyone around her sees her as throughout the story. In The Story of an Hour the woman has a realization of freedom and dies when that freedom can no longer become a reality.
The story the Yellow Wallpaper is about a woman who is taken to a house in the countryside so that she can get better. She is forced to stay in this beat up old room with this patch of yellow wallpaper that at first she hates and despises. After spending a couple of months in this room, she becomes obsessed with this wallpaper and loses sleep because to her “it is so interesting to watch the developments… There are always new shoots in the fungus, and new shades of yellow all over it.”(816). The longer she stares at the paper she tricks her mind into seeing new patterns and colors that weren 't there before, causing an even deeper interest in the wallpaper. Eventually, she sees a woman within the paper that gets out and creeps around at night. In the end, she tears down the yellow wallpaper to free the woman and, in turn, traps herself and creeps around the room. In the story The Story of an Hour the woman 's sister tells her that her husband…

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