Analysis Of The Book ' The Vampire Hunter ' Essay

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As Damon came down the stairs seeing the door open, he inched closer to see it was the vampire hunter, Rayna Cruz who had put her mark on Stefan and wanted him dead but she didn 't want Stefan she wanted him.

"Get the hell away from her!" Damon snaps glaring at the hunter who stood in the doorway a happy smirk on her face because she knew that her showing up had got under the vampire 's skin.

It tore at Rayna not to just kill them right away because she was programmed to not talk and just kill vampire 's but with Damon and the rest of the Mystic Falls vampire community she liked toying with them. Elena stood in the middle of them, she was confused as hell but of course being forced to asleep for awhile will do that to you.

"Damon, What 's going on? Why are you so angry at Rayna?" Elena questions.

"She 's a monster." Damon answers shortly.

Rayna rolled her eyes and walked inside over to the couch and sat down, Damon marches over and Elena closes the door and follows, she stands close by Damon 's side as the dark haired man stands in front of the woman who was sitting.

"Who the hell do you think you are to waltz in my home and sit down." Damon says.

"I 'm the woman who could kill you in a matter of seconds." Rayna answers.

"How dare you say something like that? You try to touch Damon and I swear I will end you." Elena snaps defensively, she glares wanting to go after the woman who sat in on the couch in the Salvatore Home.

"I 'd like to see you try it." Rayna snaps,…

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