Analysis Of The Book ' The Two Detectives ' Essay

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The two detectives see Jerry parked behind a row of hedges a few houses down from the Donald residence. Joe pulls their squad car in behind his. Shutting off the motor, he turns towards his partner.
"Rachel, I realize this has to be hard for you since Jeff is your best friend 's husband and all. So if you 'd rather not help us I 'll completely understand."
"I appreciate the thought, really I do, but I can 't let my friendship get in the way of doing my job," she states in a matter of fact tone. He turns back towards the steering wheel trying to figure out what to say next. She 'd been abnormally quiet the entire ride over so he knew something had to be really bothering her. He figures it 's his duty as her Sergeant to figure out what it was.
"You know Rachel..." He began turning back towards her but she was already out of the car. Guess that answers my next question, he thinks climbing out of the car after her.
"This is how we should do this." The Sergeant says, as the three gathers around the back of Jerry 's squad car. Seeing he has their undivided attention he continues.
"I think Rachel should go in first and take Rebecca upstairs. We 'll come in a few minutes later and arrest the dad. Rachel, I 'd like for you stay and protect the girls, in case Bambini decides to try and harm them." Joe finishes.
"Got it, Sergeant."
"Walking towards her friend 's house, she sees Jeff is standing on the porch nervously glancing around. I wonder who he 's looking for, she thinks as she…

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