Analysis Of The Book ' The Trail ' Essays

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If he thought they would listen, Gabe would have tried to persuade his parents to make camp along the way. The trail was steep enough before the rain started. Each had a lamp, but Gabe carried the largest one that usually hung over the table. He held it high and went first.
Gabe’s mind was full of Alma, and he found it easy to ignore his father’s continued complaints. He had warned Papa before they left home, that wine wasn’t the best gift to bring. He knew how mean Alma’s brothers and father were, and they were proud of their own moonshine.
He had told Papa, “They’ll pour it on the ground and beat us with our empty bottles.” Since they were only carrying it home, he thought they got off lucky.
Of course, Papa didn’t see it that way. Gabe wondered if he wanted them to walk in the storm to give him cause to complain about the Daniels and their lack of hospitality. He had tried before, to tell them how he felt about Alma, but they had refused to listen. Papa had warned him that the Melungeons, his people, married their own.
Gabe knew it wasn’t always true. From what he could tell, his people preferred to marry lighter. Maybe they thought in time they would be as white as their neighbors. Gabe didn’t care anymore. He didn’t intend to stay in these mountains. Papa had delayed him, made an excuse to keep him a little longer. He was preparing vines, in case there wasn’t gold, so Gabe could start his own vineyard. It was a way to make a living and Gabe knew it was because his…

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