Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Trail Of Euphiletos '

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This story is about the trail of Euphiletos who is been incriminated for the killing of Eratosthenes after he caught him and his wife committing adultery. Euphiletos committed the murder in front of witnesses and he has to prove that he didn’t plan the murder but acted legally instead. To achieve this he needs to explain his live before the murder and the murder itself to the jury. He does this by painting picture of an ordinary man in his speech and this gives the reader the history the Athenian people and their laws. It is interesting how Euphiletos blamed the adultery on Eratosthenes instead of his wife. He paints his wife as this weak women that couldn’t resist sleeping with Eratosthenes and that she was the real victim. I think he realized that Eratosthenes was a seducer of many women and that may explain why the wife was treat as though the adultery was not her fault. I think it could also be that Euphiletos loves his wife so much that he can’t see how this adultery can be her fault. He says that Eratosthenes corrupted his wife and brought shame on his children and insulted him by entering his house. Unlike many parts of Greek, women in Athens were divided into three categories prostitutes, slaves, and citizens and Euphiletos’ wife citizen. In Athens, the wife is protected by her father, brother or her husband and I think he thought that his wife was his property like his house. Another thinks that amazed me is that fact he says that when he brought his wife to his…

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