Analysis Of The Book ' The Time I Spent With Mrs. ' Essay

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The time I spent with Mrs. Blows I noticed that her teaching philosophy is based on the “whole child”. Mrs. Plows supports the idea of the continuous growth through an enriched curriculum. To do so Mrs. Plows sets up her classroom environment in a way to allow her students to be comfortable and ready to learn. To further support, the students growth Mrs. Plows likes family involvement which relates to the ecological approach strategy written in the chart provided. She takes what the children learn during their home life and relates it to their school like to help get a better understanding for the students. Mrs. Plows also encourages cooperation. She never lets a child not be included so instead she pair up students who know the material with students who do not know the material all that well. Not only does she encourage cooperation between her students but she also encourages it among her coworkers. This leads to the cross disciplinary strategy. Mrs. Plow gets in contact with her coworkers to be on the same topic or theme for their students, this encourages more learning because they are learning more about the topic through two or more teachers. Referring back to the “whole child” Mrs. Plows keeps an up to date record of how each child is progressing or struggling. She routinely does an individual conferencing with each of her students to see where they may be having problems or where they are excelling. The strategies used by Mrs. Plows leads me to believe…

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