Analysis Of The Book ' The Thing Of The Forest ' Essay

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In “The Thing in the Forest” by A.S. Byatt, Penny is a little girl who is sent away from her hometown during the war. During her childhood, Penny was always alone. Her father “died in a sheet of flame” and after that, her already neglectful mother “embraced grief, closed her face and her curtains” (Byatt 308). Penny needed a friend, but mostly she needed someone that understood what she was going through and someone that would be a more positive outlook on it all. When Penny was taken from her home to go to the mansion she made up Primrose in her mind. Primrose was the positive side of Penny that was shown to everyone instead of letting people see how much she was affected from her childhood. Primrose might have only been part of Penny’s imagination but she impacted Penny’s life more than anyone else did or ever would.

When Penny went into the forest and Alys wanted to come, Penny told her no and that “It’s for your own good” (Byatt 306) because she knew the innocent side of her was gone. Penny saw Alys as innocent because she was still smiling even after everything they had already been through. “Alys went on smiling hopefully, the smile becoming more of a mask.” (Byatt 306). Alys was so young and naive that she truly did not understand what was happening. She kept smiling even though she did not know if she would ever see her family again. When Penny saw Alys still smiling and positive it scared her because she knew she did not have anything to be happy about…

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