Analysis Of The Book ' The Thief ' Essay

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The Thief in Amenemope’s Egypt The instructions of Amenemope introduce the virtues held by lower-middle class in ancient Egypt. Amenemope writes to his son with a series of passages which each entailing concepts of what he should live by. The topics range from education, marriage laws, and how to deal with a “heated man.” In the passage chosen one can see that the moral of the story is to not steal, but if you delve further into the meaning the passage shows how Amenemope viewed the just and natural flow of resources along with the effects of disturbing the cycle for one’s physical and invisible persona. The natural cycle of resources is broken when a situation arises when a person commits theft. Lines eleven through fourteen explain the repercussions of said theft. The earth “opened its mouth…swallowed them” when referring to the riches stolen. The earth and its’ natural cycles realize the violation caused by stealing. This repossession could be in the way of floods, mudslides, or tornados. Regardless though, the cycle has been broken, so the earth response by consuming the resource. The thief is then left without the resource that they tried to illicitly acquire because they broke the cycle. The circular flow of resources was broken in a wrongful way by the initial theft. If consuming them wasn’t enough, then in line thirteen Amenemope goes on the explain how they were put into a hole “as big as their size.” Literally this can be taken as a sinkhole, earthquake, or…

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