Analysis Of The Book ' The Sun ' Essay

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The sun was shining upon Adam and Eve as they named all the creatures entering existence through the Garden of Eden. Chattering cheerfully, the couple noticed a wooden sign around the neck of the an alpaca. “Adam, what on earth is that writing and what does it mean?” said Eve. Adam went to retrieve the wooden sign, and he proceeded to notice that the sign had one word on it. “Sweetie,” said Adam, “this is a word that I do not know.” Eve stood pensively and rubbed her chin. They both stood awkwardly, unsure of what to think about this new and unknown word. “Ah!” said Eve, “I know exactly where we can find the definition for this word!” Now Adam sat pensively, as he thought they knew all the words in existence, but they did not. “Do you remember that book we have back in the house?” asked Eve. Adam failed to remember, however, Eve exclaimed, “It’s the Oxford English Dictionary! Surely this word must be in there.” Adam bluntly replied, “Eve, the Oxford English Dictionary will not be published until the 20th century, and we have no reading skills.” This angered Eve, because she wanted to know about the word they discovered. “Are you trying to limit God, Adam? God can give us the Oxford English Dictionary and the ability to read if he so pleases.” Eve said snappishly. Thus, she left Adam’s side and went to grab the Oxford English Dictionary, and began to search in the “I” section. “I-N-C-A-N-D-E-S-C-E-N-T,” she whispered to herself. Adam ran to join her and grabbed the book…

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