Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Summer ' Into The Wild '

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Out of all of the books I read this summer, Into The Wild was by far my favorite. To me, Chris McCandless’s story was both heartbreaking and motivating, and I admire his commitment to living on his own. I also enjoyed the format that Krakauer followed when writing the book. Above all, I believe Krakauer did justice to McCandless’s story, and proved that he was not an ill-prepared and incompetent teenager like some people believe. When Jon Krakauer wrote this book, he chose to study McCandless’s story and discover the truth to how he died and why he ran away from home in the first place. In order to do this, Krakauer researched others that suffered the same fate as McCandless, and shared their stories with the reader. Out of these stories, my favorite came from a man who was similar to McCandless in intellect, but not in much else. This man was Gene Rosellini, and his story is found on pages 73-75. Rossellini was an incredible student, a hard worker, and a jack of all trades. He studied just for the satisfaction of learning and never obtained a degree because he saw no reason to. I found Rosellini interesting because he was so sane. Many of the people that embarked on primitive adventures such as McCandless’s were seen as crazy, and unstable. Rosellini, on the other hand, knew when he reached his limits and accepted it. After living in Cordova completely barred from civilization for over a decade, Rosellini admitted that it was not possible for human beings in this century…

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