Analysis Of The Book ' The Stranger ' Essay

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In the book The Stranger, death is immediately brought into the main character 's life. Monsieur Meursault finds out at the beginning of the book that his mother had just died. Living far away because of his job, he did not maintain as strong of a relationship with his mother as he had in the past. When he arrives at the funeral, he is not as upset as many of the guests are. He doesn’t even know how old his mother was when she died. As the book progresses, Meursault and one of his friends run into a couple of Arabs. All of a sudden, he releases the trigger that kills one of the Arabs. Meursault blamed it on the gun and said that “the trigger gave” (59). As one can see, Meursault is not a typical person. He does not value the same things other people do. He does not have the same beliefs as other people do. Nonetheless throughout the entire book, Meursault has relationships with other people that help him progress throughout the entire book. In The Stranger by Albert Camus, Meursault forms relationships with Marie, Raymond and the prosecutor. The nature of these relationships depends on the similarities and differences about what each character values in their life.
The relationship between Meursault and Marie is a very difficult relationship to understand because of the personalities of both people. The difference between Meursault and Marie rely in how they see the state of their relationship. Although we do not know when Marie and Meursault…

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