Analysis Of The Book ' The Statue Of Mary ' Essay

1763 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
It’s amazing how time flies, it only feels like I closed the van door to the vet’s office a few minutes ago but, here we are, pulling up to Grandma’s house almost an hour and a half away from Manchester. There’s the statue of Mary, still half hidden in the overgrown garden, the narrow street, Longfellow School’s playground. It’s a nice day, Sirus would love it, he would jump out of the van and run to play with Augie... I would join in and Augie would come over and give me his doggy version of a hug. I remember when grandma first got him from the breeder in Manchester, or the first time he ran along that ancient fence to greet the other dogs walking by, or the first time he escaped and ran up the street to Uncle Eric’s house. I climb out of the van and look around, Augie wasn’t outside today, probably for the better, I don’t think anyone felt like chasing him to Uncle Eric’s again if he slipped past that fence. The gate squeaked as I opened it for Dad so he didn’t have to hold his burden long, the rest of my sisters, mom and Joshy filed in behind him. The yard hadn’t changed much in the ten years since we moved to Manchester, there are the petunias Sirus always loved to eat (the poor boy was always allergic to them and would get terribly itchy afterward), the rosebush, and the immortal yuccas on the other side of the driveway. “Boof” And there was Gabe, pushing Augie out of his way so he could look through the screen door at us. He was the oldest dog ever, especially…

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