Essay Analysis Of The Book ' The Souls Of Black Folk '

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W.E.B. Du Bois was an American civil rights activist, sociologist, and scholar who dealt with sociological problems and events that proposed the issue of seeking equality between blacks and whites and justice for the African American race. He fought to enhance education, occupation and most of all freedom for blacks during his reign. The influence of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case inspired him to discuss racism in America. This case involved Mr. Homer Plessy, a man who appeared to be white, but was one eighth black (and if you had any black blood in you, you were considered black) he bought a ticket for the Louisiana train, by him being black he was asked to remove himself from the “whites car only” which was a violation of that states separate car act. However, the Supreme Court ruling of this case, ruled that separate facilities were lawful as long as they were equal. This particular case in 1903, inspired him to write the book “The Souls of Black Folk” In the (Video) earlier in our studies, a similar view presented by, Mr. John Hope Franklin, at the age of seven, he shared a same type of experience encountering a train ride. He stated his mother, sister and himself, boarded a train and sat down. After a mile or so down the track the train stopped, the conductor approached them and they were told they could not sit there because it was a coach for whites only. When the train stopped, they were put off instead of allowing them to go to the black section. Franklin, in…

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